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Static pressure measurements

Static pressure measurements

Our company solves design problems, services all H.V.A.C. systems, and installs a variety of large and small systems with an emphasis on retrofit engineering. We have serviced and installed new construction projects in both residential and commercial applications. This includes custom homes, strip centers, office buildings, build-outs, metal buildings, and a variety of residential and commercial retrofits.

Murphys Environmental Control is state licensed for air conditioning. License number: TACLA003134E. We are NCI certified in air balance. Certificate #1103.

We also do refrigeration. We are fully insured. We provide excellent service and skilled technicians to analyze a system's problem.

All work is performed according to the standards of the Uniform Mechanical Code and all currently required codes.

We offer analysis services for commercial and residential systems. This service is a second opinion using scientific methods and lab results to find the true condition of your total H.V.A.C. system. A written report and projected future cost will be presented to you. These reports can give you a better understanding of your current and future budget requirements.

The Owner

Murphy's Environmental Control - Proud sponsor of Team Focus

Johnnie Murphy has 46 years of experience in the service and installation of air conditioning systems. His experience in this field includes service and design of chillers, packaged A/C and heat systems, explosion proof equipment, energy management, air balance, residential systems, refrigeration, build up commercial H.V.A.C. systems and ventilation. His experience in management consists of being a co-owner and State license holder of Murphys Mechanical since 1985, Service Supervisor for A&W Mechanical, Field Coordinator for a large portion of the Way Engineering Service Group, Then formed and became the founder of Murphys Environmental Control in 1988 and has ran and managed Murphys Environmental Control a/c and heating for over 33 years.

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